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Educational Services
Juvenile Justice Education Programs
Under the authority of the Juvenile Board, the Educational Services Division provides educational programs for every expelled student and delinquent youth placed in a county-operated juvenile institution. Prior to the 2005 fall semester, the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department assumed total responsibility for both the JJAEP and JJCS programs.

Juvenile Justice Charter Schools

Beginning in 1998, all juveniles placed by the courts in detention and residential facilities are provided educational services under one comprehensive academic program, the Harris County Juvenile Justice Charter School. The JJCS focuses on student progression in the core academic curriculum, vocational education and life skills. Thirty-two students received their GEDs during 2005. Funded by the Texas Education Agency and state and federal grants, the JJCS provides a year-round school with after school tutorials so that students can continuously improve their educational skills.

Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP)
Students attending the JJAEP have been expelled from one of 22 local school districts for serious criminal activity or serious misconduct while at school. The program also provides academic transition services to many juveniles returning from county juvenile institutions. The JJAEP focuses on accelerated academic growth and behavior skills that will help students be successful when they return to their home schools. Juvenile probation officers are located at the school to assist with the studentsí probation-related requirements and to provide mentoring, counseling and prevention-related services. Other ancillary services include mental health services, substance abuse intervention, social services, health-related services, after school programs and summer school. The JJAEP is funded by the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, local school districts and state and federal grants. During the 2004-2005 school year, 1,320 students were enrolled with an average attendance rate of 82% for the year. The average length of enrollment per student was 70 school days.


A Balanced Approach to Juvenile Justice

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